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  • As a kid, I spent time with dog books and my Collie, “Lassie.” By the time I was ten, I’d read the library’s supply twice and exhausted the neighbor’s dogs. My first dog of my own, Jean, changed my life in dramatic ways. Had it not been for that half starved stray that landed on my family’s front porch, when I was in high school, I’d probably be a music teacher in a public school teaching children to play the recorder.

    Dogs are intelligent, intuitive animals that share our hearts and homes. They deserve smart, effective and kind training and that’s what I teach with my DogThink techniques. I’ll never say “Yank harder!” “Yell louder!” or “You’re not being dominant enough…roll that dog over on his back!” You won’t hear me say that because those methods hurt dogs and hurt people.

    DogThink uses your brain to learn how your pet thinks, responds and behaves the way he does. Learn the nuances of canine behavior and use them as you train your dog. Think like a dog and you can train one. DogThink is the fastest and most effective way to change a dog’s behavior and I use it, exclusively.

    Dogs mean a lot to me. Always have. Always will. They can bring out the best in us, the humans who just don’t understand the inner world of the dog. My DogThink method gets you into the mind of your dog and able to understand his behavior. After all, dog training is a team effort not just a human yanking on a chain fastened around the dog’s neck.

    I like people, too. The taller end of the leash gets the same care that the lower end does. People want help with their pets and I’ve got a lot of that to give. And, we laugh more in my classes than a night at the Comedy Store. If laughter isn’t interesting to you, you won’t like my classes.
    I can outguess even the cagiest pooch. I’ve got lots of creative, unusual ways to teach dogs that I’ve invented. Many dogs thought incorrigible become good little doggie citizens in the blink of a Beagle’s eye. I never yank on our collar, hang dogs by the leash or make dogs sad. I simply connect with the dog, the owner and make the problems disappear.

    *Southern California Animal Trainers Society (SCATS)
    *American Kennel Club Canine Good Citizen Evaluator
    *California Dog Writers

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