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  • Wishing your new puppy came with an instruction manual? Well, you're in luck! 

    My latest publication, Welcome To The Family, is your guide to the ins, the outs, and the inevitable oops! that come along with raising a happy, healthy, and well trained puppy. From potty training to teething to socialization, this guide offers insights to even the most seasoned of puppy parents. Enjoy this free PDF download as my gift to you- congratulations and welcome to the family!

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  • Yes, my techniques truly are secrets revealed. Do you know the Stop Sign Technique? What's the difference between isolation and confinement? Why is a crate not a den?( If you've been told that dogs are denning animals you're in for a surprise.) Written with humor, warmth and clarity for loving owners who want simple, useful information. Suitable for all breeds of puppies searching for a dry carpet and a happy human.

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  • Also available as an eBook from Amazon. 

  • Ouch! The Ten Secrets To Stop Your Puppy's Biting

    Playing Tug O War and Rough-House with your pup stops biting. Turning your back when your puppy bites increases biting. Find out the secrets of success from my thirty-eight years of teaching owners and biting puppies to live together in bite-free bliss. Learn the Butter Game, Floppy Dog and Hide-N-Seek. Did you know that grabbing and squeezing your pup's nose makes him bite more? C'mon, learn my tried-and-true methods and bleed less, tonight.

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