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  • At first I did not like Sue’s class. I thought my puppy would get to play with other puppies for the class and we would learn fun tricks. I thought she was too strict. All the puppies had to stay with their owners and not just play when they wanted. But after I took my puppy to Starbucks and he stayed on his training mat and did not embarrass me I understood. Sue wants the puppies to grow up to be well behaved.

    Brittany Tango and “Buster” Mission Viejo

  • I wish I had listened to my vet. He told me Sue has been the best trainer in Orange County for years. But I went to a pet store class instead. It was a waste of money. The trainer made us do come when called in the aisle and the dogs just took stuff off the shelves. The store was noisy all the time with people walking around and talking to the dogs in class. Wasted my money. Enrolled in Sue’s class which is in a quiet parking lot. Never had to strain to hear the instructions since there were no talkative shoppers interrupting class.

    John Ondico and “Penny” Fountain Valley

  • I was hesitant to sign up. Sue’s classes are a lot more than the local class at the park. But two neighbors and my vet swore by her so I signed up. I am glad that I did. The class was the highlight of my week. It was the most fun. Sue is a walking encyclopedia. She knew details about each breed and how to train them. Each class every puppy got better. My Golden Puppy Max learned the drop it command in one try.

    Mary Walker and “Max” Irvine

  • Sue is a riot. She keeps the class so interesting because she is so funny. I know she did stand up comedy. Even if you don’t have a dog you should come to her class. It’s the best entertainment around. We just love Sue.

    Anna Mardeno and “Blake” Huntington Beach

  • Sue keeps a close eye on class. There was a blabbermouth at the first class who wanted to hog the whole class. He kept raising his hand and interrupting. Sue was polite to him and asked him to email her. When he did it again she said Your questions are so interesting I can’t answer them quickly. He shut up and we learned a lot each class. I liked that she did not let one person hog the class.

    Patty Smithcorn and “Bailey” Los Alamitos